Loajalita nade vše kromě cti


Name, Surname:

Antonin Seda
Date of birth: 12th December 1960
Condition: married (1983)
Children: sons Ondřej (1984) and Marek (1986)
Place of residence: 686 05 Uherské Hradiště, Kopanky 1155


October 2017 Project Manager of Sales department, Evektor-Aerotechnik, a.s., Kunovice. 

June 2001 to June 2002 Engineer of Sales department for Product support department, Evektor-Aerotechnik, a.s. Kunovice
May 1998 to June 2001 Chief of external services, Product support department, LET, a.s. Kunovice
November 1996 to May 1998 Chief engineer of power station services, Division service, ABB Energetické systémy, s.r.o. Brno
January 1986 to November 1996 Designer of aircraft, Department of powerplant installation, LET, a.s. Kunovice


1993 to 1994 One year study in Swiss foundation Transfer, Economy of firm and management
1984 to 1985 Military Academy in Brno, Faculty of aviation, branch - design of aircraft, civic student for LET, a.s. Kunovice
1980 to 1983 Technical University in Brno, Faculty of mechanical engineering
1976 to 1980 Secondary technical school in Uherské Hradiště

Political activities:

From September 2021 member of Gymnasium Uherske Hradiste Commttee

From December 2020 member of Committee business activity development, property and digitalization of Reprezentative Zlin region

From 15.10.2018 member of ČSSD only. Member of Masaryk Democracy Academy. From 7.12. member of Financial committee of Reprezentative Uherske Hradiste. From January 2019 memeber of Town development and strategic planing commission of Uherske Hradiste towm council.

Position of member of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech republic was ended from 27.10.2017. Chairperson of Local executive branch of ČSSD, chairman of Regional executive branch of ČSSD, member of Regional executive committee in Zlin, member of Masaryk Democratic Academy.

From 26.10.2013 member of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech republic (fourth period). From 26.11.2013 vice-chairperson of social democratic deputy club. Member the Committee for Defence. Member of Subcommittee on War Veterans, Subcommittee on Defence and Security policy and Strategic conception of Czech republic, Subcommittee on Ministry of defence akvizition, Millitary bussines and Czech army inovation. From 19.12.2013 Head of Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parlamentary Assembly. Member of Subcommittee on Inovation, Aviation and Astronautics and Subcommittee for Transportation of Economic Committee. Member of Commission on Oversight over the work of Military intelligence. From July 2014 was elected as president of EURODÉFENSE CZ z.s. Vice-chairman of Editorial board of CDIS Review magazine. Vice-chairman of Defence Committee of the ČSSD.

From October 2014 member of Reprezentative Uherske Hradiste town and chairman of Control Committee of reprezentative. Chairman of Reprezentative Club of the ČSSD. Member of Regional Executive Committee in Zlin city of the ČSSD, chairman of Regional Executive Committee of the ČSSD and chairperson of Local branch of the ČSSD.

From June 2010 member of Chamber of Deputies in Parliament of the Czech republic (third period), member of Committee for Defence, member of Committee on Social Policy, Head of Permanent Commission on Oversight over the work of Military Intelligence to 19.2.2013, from 19.2.2013 Head of Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parlamentary Assembly and member of STC, vice-chairperson of Defence Committee of the ČSSD, vice-chairperson of Subcommittee on Science, Research, Aviation and Astronautics. member of Subcommittee on strategic conceptions and reform of Czech army and Subcommittee on Ministry of defence akvizition and millitary bussines control, member of Subcommittee on prison policy .From October 2014 member of Representative in Uherské Hradiště town (sixth period), chairman of Check Commitee of Representative,2002-2006 member of Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech republic, member of Commitee for Defence and Security, member of Permanent Commission on Oversight over the work of Military Intelligence, member of Permanent Delegation to the NATO Parlamentary Assembly, speaker of Czech social democratic party for defence policy and vice-chairperson of Defence Committee [2006-2010], member of Editorial board of CDIS Review magazine
1994-2014 member of representative, 1998-2002 member of town council in Uherské Hradiště.

1996-1998 chairperson of Regional executive committee. December 1989 the entry to the ČSSD.
To 1989 No party-man.

Keeper of awaqrds:

Creditable cross award of Army Office Chief on President republic Office 1. degree (30.4.2015)

Award of Security State Council for significant contribution in Czech republic security policy sphere for 2019 year (25.4.2019)

Medal of Defense Committee of Czech Parliament (13.4.2010)

Award of Army rahabilitation associacion of Czech republic (2012)

Award of Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (2010)

Medal to 90. anniversary of Pilot associacion (2008)

Memorial medal Care of war grave of Ministry of defence (12.3.2017)